Blogger Party Who would have

Blogger Party

Who would have predicted the world in which we live? When hyperlink text was first proposed, I remember people sneering at it as a kind of useless fad. But the relatively recent explosion of web logging and the challenge it is posing to the establishment media (CNN, CBS, New York Times, and all the rest) is proving to be much more than a fad. And the networks that are forming are remarkable. I just attended my first “blogger party” in Adams Morgan (18th Street in N.W. D.C.), at which such venerable bloggers as Brink Lindsey, P. J. Doland, Radley Balko, Julian Sanchez, Ramesh Ponnuru, Eve Tushnet, Brian Kelley, Gene Healy, Will Wilkinson, and many others. I suppose that all this writing and linking to one another may be a bit self-indulgent, but then, what are selves for?