Greetings from Plovdiv! I am

Greetings from Plovdiv!

I am in technology hell at the moment, as my wonderful Voicestream mobile phone, which I got because it works in Bulgaria, doesn’t seem to work in Bulgaria at all. (Or at the Frankfurt airport.) And, of course, no response to my attempts to reach them. The School of Forestry dormitory I’m staying at in Jundola, southeast of Sofia, is, um, remarkably primitive. The phone connections are spotty and there is no internet connection. It’s amazing how much I have come to rely on such things.

Anyway, the Institute of Economic Studies seminar is going well, and it’s especially nice to meet students from Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Poland, and other countries who were introduced to classical liberalism by reading books the translations of which I arranged a decade ago. And the intelligence and determination of these young libertarians is truly inspiring.

I’ll probably post a little note after I get to Aix-en-Provence on Sunday. I suspect that the connections will be a bit more reliable there.