Time to Update! Well, I’m

Time to Update!

Well, I’m back in D.C., where at least I won’t be forced to eat course after course of flavorful meals, sitting at a table next to one of Aix’s famous fountains, while being forced to sip glasses of chilled rosÃ?Â?Ã?© wine. Whew! What a relief. (Actually, I am very pleased to be back with my beloved feline companion Wolly, who was quite thrilled to see me, too. She is now old enough to know that I return after trips, so I don’t get scolded like I used to, but she does exhibit great joy at my return, despite the fact that she adores her catsitter Ben Wyche.)

But on to other matters. I’ve got a looooot of reading to do, as well as catching up on work. Expect some thoughts soon on urban history, the history of libertarian thought, the history of the concept of sovereignty (an evil concept if ever there were one), rational choice and political economy, and more, on which I will be spending my reading time for the next few months.