Antigone Moves In, Wollstonecraft Angry,

Antigone Moves In, Wollstonecraft Angry, Hurt

The Palmer household is currently in an uproar, as a new kitten has moved in. Antigone (“Tiggy”) is adorable and friendly, but her introduction has proven to be (as expected) a truly terrible development for Wollstonecraft (“Wolly”), who has had the house to herself for six years, and along with it the undivided affection of her human. Wolly is slowly adjusting herself, but it’s been quite hard on her and I’ve been subjected to streams of tears, rebukes, and recriminations. The emotions she shows are so human that they may seem comical, but the deep hurt and sense of abandonment is real, nonetheless, and hardly funny to her. (It’s brought forth lots and lots of extra love from her pet human.) It’s only been four nights since the new addition to the family, and Wolly is slowly dealing with it. But it’s not been a pleasant experience…and won’t be for a while. What a cat-astrophe.