What’s So Great About Capitalism?

Well, I’ll find out when I give a talk on the topic tomorrow evening at the University of Pittsburgh. (I’ll be speaking on “Limited Government After 9-11” at the Duquesne Club at lunch.) Then it’s off to La Jolla to chair a conference on “Children, Responsibility, and Liberty” that’s being directed by Maureen Kelley, a bioethicist at the University of Alabama. She’s put together quite an impressive group of discussants and a challenging set of readings.

I’ll be on the road a lot over the next month or so, giving talks before business groups, lecturing at college campuses, meeting actual and potential Cato Institute Sponsors, and taking groups of college students out for pizza and beer after my talks. Hard work, but rewarding. My colleague Julie Cullifer (jcullifer@cato.org) is making the arrangements. I’ll try to post my schedule, in case anyone wants to show up for my talks.