Blackberry a Big Success

I’ve gotten good use so far out of my Blackberry 6210 from T-Mobile. It works in Germany and Austria and even allowed me to get and receive email while taking the night train from DÃ?Â?Ã?¼sseldorf to Vienna and then from Vienna to Cologne.

I’m lecturing at the “Europe and Liberty Seminar” (see below), but managed to do some shopping during the Sommerschlussverkauf (end of summer sale), adding to my collection of stylish clothes (including a new Trachtenanzug, a Lederjanker and a Chordjanker, and other chic items). And for my grand nieces and nephews I managed to buy some cool German toys and other items for children that are only available in Germany or Austria and which I remember from my own childhood.

Tomorrow I have to give the first lecture at 8:00 am on “The History of Individual Rights,” so it’s off to the bar for a good German beer and then off to bed.