Exciting Times for American Politics

American politics is getting a bit more interesting, what with President Bush’s numbers declining (as if that weren’t predictable), problems in Iraq as French President Chirac deliberately undermines the attempts to bring in additional foreign troops in the eager hope that more Americans will be killed, the recall excitement in California, and the left-leaning media smelling blood in the water (L’Affaire Plame, right-winger Rush Limbaugh’s football remarks and possible drug involvement, claims that Schwarzenegger groped Leni Riefenstahl, and more). I feel vindicated by my consistent refusal over the past year to predict the presidential election of 2004 (‘Don’t you think that Bush is going to coast to victory,’ etc., etc.) by insisting that an awful lot can happen in a year and the electorate is pretty evenly split, so I think that the election’s going to be close.

(I should point out that the connection of the two charges against Schwarzenegger in the form of “Did Arnold Grope Leni Riefenstahl?,” is borrowed from Arnold Steinberg.)