Dell Axim and Tom’s productivity

In the effort to increase my productivity (no self deception here!), I’ve splurged on a new Dell Axim Pocket PC, an itty bitty palm top computer on which this blog entry was written. I have sent my lovely little Sony Clie to my nephew Andrew, who is about to graduate from college and start a new business and therefore could use the scheduling and contact features (and probably the MP3 features, too; I’m not very musical and not clever enough to figure out how to use it.)

I had not been able to use the Sony Palm OS system for writing essays, so when I heard a rave review of the Dell Axim on the radio, I checked it out on the web. All of the reviews were enthusiastic, and now that I have one, I can see why. I had used an Apple Newton some years ago and wrote a fair amount on it. It was a LOT bigger than the Axim; it only worked with Apple (or at least that’s all I could do with it); and it is no longer supported, so I gave that little marvel to a neighbor who I found (to my surprise) specialized in Newton work. (To each his own.)

But the Dell Axim is light years ahead. I bought it with a very useful little collapsible keyboard and its own built-in Wi-Fi system. (It works on my own system at home and I might spring the money to purchase a subscription to the T-Mobile hotspot system you can use at Starbucks and other locations; that system is, unfortunately, a bit pricey.)
I hope that I will use this to write enough to make the investment worthwhile. Wish me luck..