Globalization and Political Theory

I’ve had a few essays in the works for some time and two of them are now published and available. My monograph on Globalization and Culture: Homogeneity, Diversity, Identity, Liberty was published as an Occasional Paper by the Berlin-based Liberales Institut of the Friedrich-Naumann Stiftung. (The paper is in English, although the web site describing it is in German. I delivered it at a conference in Berlin November 14 – 16 of last year.) A paper on a related topic, Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, and Personal Identity, is now available on-line in the Italian journal Etica e Politica, which is published by the University of Trieste. (Again, the article is in English.) The two essays overlap in their themes, but the former deals primarily with trade in cultural goods and the alleged threat to cultural diversity and identity, while the latter focuses on cosmopolitanism, political allegiance, and personal identity.