I Can See! Thank you, John Wahl.

I am extremely happy with the results of my Lasik surgery. I feel liberated from eyeglasses and contact lenses. My friend John Wahl, who’s an eye surgeon, did the work and provided the overnight hospitality (at his brother’s home) for my recovery. Although the first hours after the procedure were a bit difficult (unlike for my colleague, who also had the same procedure), by the next morning I felt like a new person. This morning I got up a bit disoriented and looked around for my glasses for several minutes before noticing (I was, after all, in my pre-caffeinated state) that I could see everything quite clearly. I couldn’t find my glasses, not because I couldn’t see them, but because I had put them away.

It looks like I won’t be needing reading glasses, at least not for some time, since my myopia was slightly undercorrected. I can read quite well but the tradeoff is a bit of blurriness in the distance. That I can correct whenever I need to see things in the far distance with a single mild corrective daily wear lens in my right eye, or with glasses for night time driving (when one’s pupils dilate to let in more light and therefore cannot focus quite as well as during the day), hiking in the mountains (when seeing distant peaks is part of the enjoyment), and so on.

Thank you, John! (And my deepest thanks also to his lovely wife Rosie and to his brother Michael and his sister-in-law Tina for their gracious hospitality.)