Turning to Another Subject

I suppose that after my comments on books, debates about the public good, creepy anti-Semitism, and so on, it may be appropriate for me to make a Segway to a new subject, which is the new means of transportation that I’ve ordered. It should come soon and start saving me money on most of the taxi fares I have to pay to schlep my self and my books, laptop, etc., around town. I certainly hope that I do better than George Bush when he rode one. (Keep in mind that, as a defender of Fidel Castro below points out, George Bush and Fidel Castro are alike, because they both fell down. If I fall down, will I be like Fidel Castro? Yes, I will. But, to use that terribly outmoded Aristotelian terminology, Fidel Castro and I will share, not an essential property, but merely an accidental one.)