A Healthy Brain Is a Happy Brain

MRI of Happy brain.jpg
MRI of a Happy Brain
I’m going to use this article in New Scientist on “11 Steps to a Better Brain” for my shopping list. I’m stocking up on nutrients and more motivated to keep up my physical exercise, too. (I also take Juvenon on a daily basis.)

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  1. re:I also take Juvenon on a daily basis.

    While you’re tweaking your mitochondria you might also consider some creatine monohydrate for building up muscle mass by increasing the mitochondrial “refresh rate”. I’ve gone from 160# to 175# in the last year with my bench press increasing from 300# to well over 350#. Just watch those tendons they can’t grow as fast as muscle.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Sounds good…but I did try creatine monohydrate a couple of years ago and it made me feel, well, in general not well. I felt sort of jittery and stretched out. Maybe I wasn’t taking it correctly, but I did associate it with a generally unpleasant feeling. Any suggestions on how to avoid that?

  3. I think its unlikely the creatine made you jittery. I’ve never noticed any effects from creatine *alone* until I actually start working out at which point I notice a decrease in pain and fatigue. However many creatine mixes contain additives such as high glycemic index sugars. The cheaper generic brands are often difficult to disolve and digest. You might try a variety of brands and see which one is the most palatable. I like both EAS and CellTech. CellTech seems to be less “buzzy” than EAS so I prefer to load with CellTech and workout with EAS.I found it unnecesary to use the stuff daily contrary to the desire of the manafacturers. Once in the morning on work out days and immediately prior to working out seems to do the trick. YMMV. There are some studies suggesting improvements in dopamine levels and buffering of ATP depletion which may be of therapeutic value to the elderly, Parkinson’s patients, etc.