“Mises Institute” Cultists Blast Mises Center Head for Opposing Authoritarian Socialism

Yaroslav Romanchuk at Cato’s 2004 Moscow Conference
Jaroslav Romanchuk, a man I greatly admire for his courage, his intelligence, and his resolution in promoting freedom, has been smeared by the eager apologists for totalitarianism at LewRockwell.com as one of “the loyal adjuncts of the intelligence agencies who foment the color-coded revolutions much the same as did their intellectual and moral forebears.” (In other words, he is a tool of the CIA/MainStreamMedia/Israeli/Jewish/etc. forces undermining the great Socialist Motherland ruled by that man of the people, Alexander Lukashenko.) The attempt by the Rockwell Cult to tie in the president of the Mises Research Center of Minsk (Romanchuk) with the Bolsheviks (note the links, but also note the shrill, over-the-top Bolshevik-style rhetoric they use) is a rather poor joke, since the man who is so admired by the Rockwellites, Alexander Lukashenko, is the one who is eagerly trying to resurrect the Soviet Union and the man they denounce is promoting laissez faire.

More on the subject of the the Rockwell Cult’s love affair with authoritarian and totalitarian thugs can be found in The Fever Swamp. And for the head of the Mises Center in Minsk to be attacked in such disgusting terms by the leaders of the “Mises Institute” of Auburn tells us how far the latter have drifted from any connection to the ideas of Ludwig von Mises. They are a disgrace.