‘Nuff Said

Donâ??t Believe Everything You Read

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  1. No more limericks or cartoons on Libertarian Warcraft! The Grand Inquisitor has spoken. This thread must answer every set of posted interrogatories. Nothing off-topic allowed. Not ’nuff said unless anonymous says ’nuff said.

    The anonymous voice of liberty has spoken. No limericks, laughter or lightweight legends in your own mind!

    anonymous is serious.

  2. George Stevens

    To the tune of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’:

    I see Lew Rockwell a-comin’
    And there’s Tucker, North and Hoppe
    If you ask him ’bout Ron’s newsletters
    He’ll surely blow his top
    Lew dresses like he’s homeless
    Says old Ed Crane
    Ya know his old paleo schemes
    Are causin’ Ron Paul pain