An Era Passes…

…due to what seems a standard bankruptcy, but may also be symptomatic of changes in the wider media world, as more and more content moves off of newsprint and on to screens: the Washington Blade has gone out of business. I remember when it was an 11″x17″ folded and saddle-stapled newsletter that was handed out at meetings and was available in just a couple of places in Washington, D.C. Then it gained advertisers, circulation, and availability as public acceptance of gay people grew, including, for example, lots of full-page ads aimed at gay couples who were buying houses, furniture, cars, and other things that straight couples bought. And now it’s joined a lot of mainstream newspapers in bankruptcy court. Well, nothing lasts forever.

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2 Responses to “An Era Passes…”

  1. Adam Allouba

    Gee, Tom, that’s quite the typo in your last sentence… you accidentally wrote, “Well, nothing lasts forever” when we all know what you meant is, “Call your congressman now to demand a bailout.”

    How very 2007 of you! 😉

  2. Tom G. Palmer


    You’re right. How sad. (And notice that the trigger in this case seems to have been failure to follow the requirements of…a Small Business Administration loan. I wonder if President Obama will make a phone call to personally organize a rescue. Probably not…not enough votes.)

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