From Turkish to Bulgarian Individualism


The trip to Istanbul and Ankara was very inspiring for me. I had the chance to meet many leaders of the classical liberal movement in Turkey and to learn what they’re doing to promote freedom in their country and in the region.

Then it was up at 2:45 am to get my flight from Ankara to Istanbul, to connect with a flight to Sofia. I had an interview yesterday with Kapital, a leading business magazine, and then had dinner with old friends from the Access to Information Programme and the Institute for Market Economics. I just finished a quite useful meeting with the staff of the Institute for Market Economics here in Sofia; what an impressive organization, which produces both high quality original studies and programs, such as EasiBulgaria, that educate thoughtful Bulgarians about the principles of liberty. They’re launching a new library (watch this space) and have a number of exciting projects underway. The IME Student Club is sponsoring my lecture this afternoon on the financial crisis at Sofia University. Tomorrow I’ll take part in a preliminar opening of the new library and present my book Realizing Freedom, which I also presented in Ankara at the Association for Liberal Thinking library.

IME recently translated my essay on “Myths of Individualism” into Bulgarian: “?????? ?? ??????????????“.

***In case you would like to play the Bulgarian national anthem in the background as you read….

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