“Progressivism”: Coercive and Meddlesome at its Core

David Bernstein on the rather, um, selective history of “Progressivism” given by the “Center for American Progress”: “Whitewashing Progressivism

One could add many, many sins to the account of so-called “Progressives,” including prohibition, victimless crime laws generally, vice squads, public morals legislation, and generally attempting to replace the rule of law by the rule of wise and moral “experts,” i.e., themselves.

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  1. Michael Cole

    Thank you for raising this issue, Tom. Libertarians and conservatives have good ideas on their side, but we need language to use when addressing these issues. The left and Progressives have effectively crafted an image of well-intentioned problem-solvers, and that’s a difficult thing to dissect and confront in the public discourse.

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