Those Awful Multinational Corporations

I remember watching an ITV special in Britain on the horrors of globalization some years ago. The presenters pointed out how awful it was that multinational corporations were disrupting local cultures by giving jobs outside the home to women, who then had their own incomes and did not have to marry the men chosen by their fathers. Pretty shocking. Further those hateful multinational corporations “bribed” workers to work for them rather than in traditional occupations or for local employers. The bribes the multinational corporations used to trick local workers included such awful practices as providing employees with housing equipped with indoor plumbing, establishing medical facilities, and the like. The bastards!

My young former colleague Ram Ahluwalia has posted a comment and a link to a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research. It provides yet more evidence of the perfidious nature of those evil multinational corporations. (Ram is a former Cato Institute intern who’s destined for great things.)