Koch Summer Fellows I was

Koch Summer Fellows

I was up in Annapolis on Monday and Tuesday participating in the opening seminar of the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program. I’ve got to say that that is one of the most important programs ever developed for teaching young folks about how institutions work (or don’t) and how ambitious young people can have a positive impact on the future of liberty. The other lecturers, Professors Glen Whitman (his blog is quite fun) and Alex Tabarrok, did a great job of explaining the economics of markets and politics. (My own talks were on ‘Analytical Foundations of Public Policy Analysis and Journalism,’ ‘The Origins of the Theory of Individual Rights,’ and ‘The History of Limited Government.’ Anyone who wants the outlines in Word format can drop me a note at tomgpalmer@hotmail.com or tpalmer@cato.org and I’ll send them as Word attachments.) I strongly encourage college students and folks who know college students to check out the Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program and the Cato Institute Internship Program.