A Feast for the Mind

I am very pleased to have started a new book by the great legal scholar Harold Berman. It’s the second volume of a sweeping and truly brilliant history of western law. The title is Law and Revolution : The Impact of the Protestant Reformations on the Western Legal Tradition.

I’ve read the first volume of the work twice and refer to it frequently. That book, Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition, has had a profound impact on my life and has been a reliable source of new insights, new research problems, and new questions. I’ve recommended it many times and have given away dozens of copies for Christmas, birthdays, and the like. I’m eagerly looking forward to some time to sit down with volume II. Not only are Berman’s works informative and stimulating, but they’re great fun to read, as well. (Unfortunately, I’m a fairly slow reader and I’ve got a great deal on my plate at the moment, including several other books that I have agreed to review, but this one will be dessert.)

3 Responses to “A Feast for the Mind”

  1. Tom G. Palmer

    Good. The books are already available. Just click on the titles and you’ll go straight to Amazon.com, where you can buy them. Enjoy the reading.

  2. Unfortunately, I’m a fairly slow reader

    I had never heretofore known Dr. Palmer to utter or write an untruth. But, unless he’s secretly immortal, dividing the number of books he has read by any reasonable estimate of his age demonstrates this statement to be absurd…