Let’s Remember Whom Coalition Troops Are Fighting

This is unpleasant, but it’s important to remember the nature of our enemies. Drudge has posted still photos of the execution of Nick Berg, whose offence was wanting to repair Iraq’s infrastructure and, of course, being a U.S. citizen and a Jew. It’s hard to know whether one should look or not. I’ve thought about it and I think that the public should see these photos for the same reason they should see the photos of the abuse of prisoners by U.S. guards. Just as they should know the difference between civilized behavior and barbarism, they should know whom we are fighting.

THE VIDEO: I am in tears from having watched the video of Nick Berg’s execution. And I want the people who sawed off the head of a living and screaming man to be caught, tried, and…yes, executed. I think that they’re unlikely to be caught alive, but if they are, jail may not be appropriate for them, despite my general opposition to the death penalty. Watch it here (it’s on some sort of utterly disgusting site that seems to glorify violence and horror) if you can stomach it. But only if you can stomach it and are sure that it will make you more resolute in tracking down and eliminating his killers. (12:35 am, May 13)