Liberty and Power Blog

I’m having trouble getting my blog management program to add a link (in the links on the left hand side of this site) to the Liberty & Power Group Blog. It’s got lots of interesting material on it and is well worth a visit. I’ll try to get the system to work again later. (I suspect that the problem is that I switched my DSL from Earthlink to Verizon, in order to save a bundle of money by having all my phone services with one firm, and a variety of glitches have come up, like my firewall now blocking access to my hotmail account. Aargh.)

P.S. Yep. That was it. For some reason, my firewall software blocks access to certain web services. Now I have to call McAfee to reconfigure the firewall and then Gateway to reconfigure my WiFi router, which also doesn’t work now. Gosh, technology can be soooo liberating.

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