Pat Buchanan and Radical Islamicism

It’s official. Patrick Buchanan hates America. He’s pretty openly sided with Islamic radicals in a recent column in Arab News. It’s worth reading Buchanan’s fulminations against America. Here’s a sample:
In Georgia recently, the president declared to great applause: ?I can?t tell you how proud I am of our commitment to values. … That commitment to values is going to be an integral part of our foreign policy as we move forward. These aren?t American values, these are universal values. Values that speak universal truths.?

But what universal values is he talking about? If he intends to impose the values of MTV America on the Muslim world in the name of a ?world democratic revolution,? he will provoke and incite a war of civilizations America cannot win because Americans do not want to fight it. This may be the neocons? war. It is not our war.

When Bush speaks of freedom as God?s gift to humanity, does he mean the First Amendment freedom of Larry Flynt to produce pornography and of Salman Rushdie to publish The Satanic Verses, a book considered blasphemous to the Islamic faith? If the Islamic world rejects this notion of freedom, why is it our duty to change their thinking? Why are they wrong? When the president speaks of freedom, does he mean the First Amendment prohibition against our children reading the Bible and being taught the Ten Commandments in school?
It’s not just the far left that hates America and American values. It’s the far right, too. The far left and the far right are united in their hatred of freedom. Shortly after the destruction of the Twin Towers, televangelist Jerry Falwell blamed feminists, homosexuals, and civil libertarians for the attacks and stated, ?What we saw on Tuesday, as terrible as it is, could be minuscule if, in fact, God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve.?

I wrote on the topic after 9-11 and gave an impromptu talk on “Why they Hate Us” at a Cato event shortly after 9-11 and before President Bush’s speech to the nation. (I mention that the talk was “impromptu” since I was asked to give it on very short notice and spent the afternoon doing research on the interet and gathering information from online libraries and a few books I had with me. And, yes, I did misquote the U.S. Constitution as using the phrase “necessary and appropriate” when it should have been “necessary and proper.” Oops.)

3 Responses to “Pat Buchanan and Radical Islamicism”

  1. Traveller

    Pat Buchanan is a fine American……….he’s just a republican with some values. Values that apparently America doesn’t have anymore, except in Dixie……..

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Let’s see….sympathizing with the death sentence against Salman Rushdie and posing the rhetorical question “Why are they wrong?” makes you a “fine American.” And “anon” would have us think that anyone who promoted liberal thought or toleration in occupied Germany after World War II was a “de facto statist.” I must be missing something.