Ronald Reagan and Memory Distortion

It’s remarkable how so many commentators on Ronald Reagan have airbrushed their own astonishingly vicious treatment of him when he was president. Andrew Sullivan has collected together a few gems to remind us of how much the “liberal elites” hated and vilified Reagan. (I often disapproved of his policies — although in retrospect it does seem that the military buildup I opposed did help to liberate millions of slaves to communist states, but I also remember his courage for calling the Soviet Union just what it was, an “evil empire.”)

One Response to “Ronald Reagan and Memory Distortion”

  1. You are right. For people like us, Guatemalans, Ronald Reagan did the difference. My generation did not grow up in a country like Cuba, Mozambique, Cambodia, or Nicaragua, because RR had principles; and he understood our fight against totalitarian terrorists. Cheers!