Munich and the Alps

I’m writing this from the easyInternetcafe in Munich near the Hauptbahnhof. I took part in a program on education and research in Germany sponsored by the Council on Public Policy, a group that is doing much to revive critical thought in Germany. And tomorrow veerrryyyy early in the morning I’m off to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for two days of hiking in the Bavarian Alps. (And a brief yodelling refresher course.)

Back to the U.S. on Monday. I’ll miss the good beer and the excellent Bratwurst.

4 Responses to “Munich and the Alps”

  1. Dear Mr. Palmer:

    Yes, Bavaria is beautiful for sure. I saw you at FRA airport on Monday, July 19th, departure hall for flight UA933. I was coming back from our annual Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Klausurtagung in Potsdam. I left Potsdam on July 14 with Walter Klitz to spend a few days in Bonn with my family.