Back to California

I got back from California around midnight Thursday, got in to the office today, and head back to California on Saturday for the Freedom Communications meeting in the town I lived in in the only house my parents ever owned (for all of a few years): Huntington Beach. On my recent trip I managed to find it, after not having seen it for over thirty years, and of course it looked completely different. The family now there (how many times has it changed hands since I left?) had made changes, but also the trees were now huge (they were saplings when we moved in) and everything else looked smaller. (Surprise.) It was a rather sad experience.

The conference in which I’ll be taking part will be anything but sad, however, as I will have a chance to give presentations on “The Analytical Foundations of Journalism and Public Policy Analysis,” “The Struggle for Liberty under Law, 2300 B.C.E. to 1776 C.E.,” and “The History of the Theory of Individual Rights.” The second has been revised to include more on the Sumerian experience with limited government. I’ve included passages from the Epic of Gilgamesh and also material from Samuel Noah Kramer’s very interesting book From the Tablets of Sumer (The Falcon’s Wings Press, Indian Hills, Colorado: 1956). The trick is to fit a few thousand years into a few hours.

JUST POSTED: I’m in Huntington Beach again and still stunned at how completely unrecognizable the town is.

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