Lecture on “Freedom and the Constitution of the Founding Fathers”

I haven’t heard it myself yet, but I remember giving it and it seemed ok at the time. Here is the link to the audio recording of a talk I gave on September 17 — Constitution Day — at the Foundation for Economic Education on “Freedom and the Constitution of the Founding Fathers.” (I did use the white board a few times to write up some terms, but otherwise it may work without the video.)

One Response to “Lecture on “Freedom and the Constitution of the Founding Fathers””

  1. Steve Palazzo

    I just wanted to comment on another fine lecture, Dr Palmer. Thank you, again, for placing our priniciples and traditions in their proper historical perspective. The historical link to “no taxation without representation”…just fascinating (yet another tidbit not mentioned in highschool social studies!). You continue to give substance to Libertarian thought, and it is appreciated. I look foward to future links to your lectures.