Team America

I’m looking forward to tomorrow night, when I’ll see Team America, the new political puppet movie. One reason I’m going is that it’s got both right-wingers and left-wingers so upset. The review in Slate by David Edelstein is hilarious, not because it’s a clever review, but because he is left spluttering indignantly at the idea that Trey Parker and Matt Stone might dare to have a little fun at the expense of leftist actors.

You can see why Edelstein was so shocked:

2 Responses to “Team America”

  1. Russell Hanneken

    I was surprised to see Edelstein write that “Leftist actors learned from Vietnam not to cozy up to dictators.”

    Not even Fidel Castro ( )?

    N.B.: Spielberg has said that the “eight most important days” quote attributed to him was made up by the Cuban state-run press.