Cool Retro Movie

If you want to see a retro movie with a very cool feel, try SkyCaptain and the World of Tomorrow. It wasn’t a “great” movie, but it was a fun movie.

P.S. I was discussing the film with my brother, who coincidentally saw it the same night in Colorado, and we discovered what seems to be an anomaly in the movie’s portrayal of an alternative past future. There is a reference to the “First World War” and overall it seems like the society portrayed in the film did not experience the horrors of National Socialism or a Second World War. There is also a reference to an event that (if my memory serves me right) was in 1918, “30 years ago.” That puts the movie at 1948. How can you have a “First World War” without at least a “Second World War”? Well, whatever. It was a fun film that paid homage to the old Buster Crabb roles as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.