I was privileged to take part in a debate yesterday at the American University Law School on “Politics and the Public Interest” and was in the audience today at a Cato Institute conference on “Lessons from the Iraq War: Reconciling Liberty and Security.” The former was a three-way debate and discussion with fellows from the Heritage Foundation and the Center for American Progress. (Since the leftist fellow lit into the rightist fellow — even answering “What is the greatest threat America faces today” by answering “the Heritage Foundation” — I managed to be the sweet voice of reason, by explaining that you should look at the arguments, the evidence offered, and the like when evaluating a policy proposal, rather than asking who funded it or whether they might have a secret agenda.) The latter brought together an interesting array of libertarians to debate and discuss how libertarians should think about the use of military force.

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  1. Tom G. Palmer

    It was filmed (just with Cato’s standard camera, so nothing all that fancy) and taped. Usually they are put up within a few days. (A whole conference full of audio or video takes a bit of time to prepare.) I’d check back to the Cato web page ( in two days and go to the archived events. If it’s not going to be put up, I’ll get back to you.