Capitalism + Science = Fun

I recently bought a new Motorola V600 cell phone, as my old one was not up to what I needed. The new one has text messaging, Bluetooth, and a built-in camera. I’ve since taken a lot of photos with the camera, but was surprised to learn that I could just email them to the email addresses of people who needed them — directly from the phone! I was even more astonished to discover that the Bluetooth is useful for more than the little wireless headset I got with it; I was at a CVS Pharmacy and found that I could send the photos by Bluetooth to a machine in the photo section and it printed the photos for me! Is that cool, or what?

2 Responses to “Capitalism + Science = Fun”

  1. Chris Farley

    This is, by far, the most charming post I’ve seen. As a technology professional, I take for granted these types of advances. I find it highly amusing that technology has reduced one of the world’s leading intellectuals into saying, “Is that cool, or what?” It makes me feel like I’m not so dumb, after all.

  2. Brian Radzinsky

    The little wireless headset though is just as useful for compliance with the annoying hands-free laws we have here in California as it is for long conversations without having a phone up to your ear.