My Crystal Ball Was a Bit Cloudy, It Seems

Well, I predicted below that Kerry would get a slight majority of the popular votes in a very close election, but a decisive victory in the electoral college. At 1:34 am EST it’s starting to look like I need to get my Crystal Ball tuned up. I still stand by the second half of the prediction: “about half of the voting population will be quite upset in a few days.”

Anyway, the Segway arrived and was easy to assemble. It’s about done charging, so I may be able to use it tomorrow. (I think I’ll put off trying to ride it to work the first day without some practice or instruction, first. The video and the guidebooks have lots of scary little cartoons of the terrible ways you can fall off if you don’t handle it correctly.)

6 Responses to “My Crystal Ball Was a Bit Cloudy, It Seems”

  1. Tom G. Palmer

    The question is, of course, whether we’ll get judges who are always deferential to the legislative and executive branches of government or judges who will stand up for the rule of law, federalism, the separation of powers, and the rights of the people, both enumerated and unenumerated. Bush’s judicial appointees have tended to be of the former sort. Let’s hope that we will see appointees to the courts who will fulfill the judiciary’s role by striking down unconstitutional legislation (and doing all the other normal business of the judiciary, of course), without overstepping and acting as unelected legislators.