Cool Che T-Shirts

Bureaucrash has some excellent audaciously pro-freedom t-shirts on sale. The Che shirt, featuring a death head in Che’s classic pose under a beret, is exceptionally good. (“Communism Kills” is printed in small type under the image.) I’ve ordered several for myself and for friends. It’s just my way of combatting an admittedly small annoyance, the omnipresence of a totalitarian torturer’s mug on the chests of so many unthinking or unconcerned people.

(Thanks to Gene Healy for the pointer and fashion tips.)

8 Responses to “Cool Che T-Shirts”

  1. Derek Douglas

    I love those shirts. For myself I already bought the Gadsen flag shirt, and the ‘Enjoy Capitalism’ shirt that mimics the Coke logo.

    Who knows why all these people go around wearing Che t-shirts, hopefully not knowing that he was a terrorist. The ironic part is that these shirts are probably made in factories in Central America, supposedly by the same worker class Che supposedly represented. And somewhere a fat capitalist is enjoying handsome profits at the expense of a Communist murderer. Damn, I should have had the idea for these shirts….

  2. Adolfo Centeno

    Well on the contrary, I bought a shirt which advises people to watch for the fall of capitalism, I get many comments about it, but the majority of these comments are from people who have no clue what they are saying. Though it is possibly true that these Che shirts are manufactured in Central America, this again illustrates the probelem with U.S capitalism. Central and South America are being exploited by big U.S privately owned corporations, which the government endorses.The U.S by preventing socialism in south america is the reason that the people in these nations are being exploited. Also, watch out for those Pro-Bush shirts, he is the DEMOCRATIC MURDERER. Hopefully YOU know that Bush has killed more than 15000 innocent iraqis, is he not a terrorist? Welcome to the age of U.S imperialism!! We are all DOOMED.

  3. Well, it seems that you have no knowledge of the imperfections in this capitalistic system. We identify with Che’s courage, his passion, and his genuine love for all man. It is impossible to find these qualities in our leaders today. Democracy is just a word that helps us arrogant americans rest easy, but love, love drives people to fight for real freedom. Bush hasn’t moved me in 4 years, Che moved me in 5 minutes. I could feel his love through his legacy. What do capitalists love?

  4. CJ –

    I hope you’re kidding. His genuine love for all man? I live in Miami where there are a lot of Cubans that escaped Che’s “love” that would love to tell you otherwise. Che was a murderer sociopath bent on forcing people to accept his misguided ideoloy. Hitler had passion too; maybe his love isn’t the same as Che’s, but I’m sure Adolf could move you in maybe 10 min.

  5. Derek, you mean escaping Fidel’s love right? Che is dead ,brother, and he seperated from Fidel in the latter part of his life because he did not agree with fidel. Anyways, Bush is also a murderer sociopath and he tries to also force misguided ideologies, i do hope you voted for kerry or else that would be quite hypocritical on your behalf. And by the way, don’t confuse passion with love.