The Che Brigade Responds

My personal and very modest campaign against Che memorabilia has been discovered by some kind of pro-murder website, as I’ve gotten a number of colorful and occasionally threatening emails. A few have posted on the entry below, to which I direct the attention of anyone interested in the sputterings of the “Stalin killed more people than Mussolini, so Mussolini was alright” school of comparative tyranny.

6 Responses to “The Che Brigade Responds”

  1. Adam Allouba

    I think that in discussions like these, it’s useful to remember what Jonathan Swift is said to have observed: “You cannot reason a person out of a position he did not reason himself into in the first place.”

    Alternatively, we can just roll our eyes in exasperation and chuckle at quips like “the principle of the conservation of acknowledged evil.” A classic!

    – Adam

  2. Brian Radzinsky

    Some of those sputterings are just so incoherent that I couldn’t follow what semblance of reasoning there was to any real conclusion. Most of that stuff is fueled more by animosity and emotion than by reason.

  3. Well that is usually how the Left “argues”. Whenever I point out how evil Communism was to some of my lefty friends, the argument quickly sputters out of control and they start stammering the same diatribe similar from those posts below: namely that Bush/U.S has killed upwards of 1 million people in the past 6 months, Halliburton and capitalism have killed even more, and god knows what else.

    Usually when people start arguing from those angles it means they are devoid of any knowledge of the subject and go to extremes or personal attacks; i.e. if you support capitalism you are a fascist.

    The Left are quite boring and predictable.

  4. Vota Nointe

    The left do not have a monopoly on wanting fights. The right seems pretty pugnacious at times. And objectivists always seem to be full of explosive acid. It’s a shame that people come online not to discuss issues to gain a greater understanding but merely to state their preset positions as loudly as possible.

  5. Derek
    Again man, the reason people quote bush, halliburton etc., is because you right freaks always talk about the flaws of socialism without taking the many flaws of capitalism into consideration. Every major flaw of socialism is also seen in capitalism, anything that che did, can be juxtaposed to the many things the U.S has done. These are not personal attacks, but take into consideration both sides, if you are going to be so biased you are not worthy of discussing.It is interesting how derek says that the left goes to personal attacks, when in fact he wrote me a hate mail, how ironic.