Brainy Toys for Kids

I just got a cool catalogue from a company called Mindware, which offers “the very best in brainy toys and games.” Uncle Tom will be ordering a few items for a variety of nieces and nephews. They’ve even got a game called Made for Trade, through which “kids will experience pirate attacks, the first stirrings of the Revolution and many more seemingly unrelated historic occurrences, each affecting how the game unfolds. As useful objects are traded, they explore the game-board village and truly understand the subtleties of living in the era.” I’ll buy.

2 Responses to “Brainy Toys for Kids”

  1. Steve Palazzo

    Uncle Tom,

    I too am an uncle and also a dad of 2 (going on three). I came across “Made for Trade” and immediately put it on many christmas lists. I was extremely disappointed in the kid version of Monopoly where there is very little room for trading and “capitalist ventures” (you don’t aquire property in this version, you run a ticket stand at an amusement park!- not quite what I had in mind for early lessons on trading and the market)

    In any case, I’ve heard of a fantatic game for older kids (around 10 years old), called Settlers of Catan. Apparently this German game is extremely popular throughout the world, excluding the US. You’re an immigrant on an island (probably fleeing some oppressive king- very Icelandic) and you are left utilizing (not exploiting, as our modern liberal friends would say) available resources as well as trading to create a functioning society. How’s that for real life lessons. Unfortunately my kids a just a little too young, but we’ll try it soon.

    Happy holiday gaming…


  2. Richard Watson

    Speaking of Mindware, I placed an order with them on December 6. They acknowledged the order the same day by email and told me everything but one item was in stock. The order, of course, was for Christams presents for my grandkids. Over a week later on December 17, sent me another e-mail that my order has just shipped! (without the backordered item and without a tracking number to verify that they actually shipped sopmething) What happened in those ten days. Did they just sit on their hands? Are they legitimate?

    The result is that my presents will not arrive in time for Christmas, though I placed the order far in advance to allow for the 7-10 days shipping. These people have spoiled a nice Christmas surprise by their laziness. Not a very good model for business. They certainly do not meet the expectations of online buyers and are nowhere near any professional standards. The say they ship within 48 hours of the order. They say they respond to customer complaints within one business day. Yet they failed to meet both of these promises. So be careful when touting an online business. These guys don’t make the grade!