“La Mondialisation? C’est Magnifique!” to Be Available Soon

Thanks to my friends Philippe Chamy (here’s a better photo, taken when he was translating for Colin Powell: View image) and Jacqueline Balestier of ALEPS, my little essay “Globalization is Grrrreat!” is available in French translation. It will be posted soon in a PDF file (from the July 2004 issue of the ALEPS journal LibertÃ?Â??Ã?Â?Ã?© Ã?Â??Ã?¢?Ã?°conomique et Progress Social) on the left hand side of this site in the box on “Globalization.” Thank you, Philippe and Jacqueline!

3 Responses to ““La Mondialisation? C’est Magnifique!” to Be Available Soon”

  1. Remember it’s “La Mondialisation…” they’ll say I am a bad translator otherwise… And there was a typo on the original cover of the Aleps journal. It should be La Mondialisation? (with a question mark)as it is, correctly, in the published text inside…

    Your humble translator,


  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Got it, Philippe! (Just for the record, I had posted it merely sans definite article, not with the incorrect “Le,” for which I should have been horsewhipped. As it is, I am merely chagrined.)

    Thanks for the correction….and for your work as a translator!