I noticed something odd about the Yushchenko poisoning case and now Michael Fumento has spelled it all out. Remember all the horrors about dioxin in Love Canal and the series of lawsuits that resulted? Now we know that getting enough dioxin in your soup to raise blood levels to 6,000 times normal will make you extremely sick, but it seems that even that won’t kill you. It’s really bad stuff in very large and concentrated doses, but the minute quantities that caused such a ruckus in the past didn’t warrant all the EPA edicts, the law suits, the payouts, and the billions in cleanup costs that followed. We’re all poorer (and therefore less healthy) as a result of hysterical overreactions to miniscule quantities of substances that, in huge concentrations, will make you very sick but evidently will not kill you. (That’s also true of those that will kill you in sufficiently large doses, but which can even be life saving in small or moderate doses: water, vitamins, medications, minerals, etc.)

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  1. Adam Allouba

    Boy, Tom, what an impolite and inappropriate observation to make. Next you’ll be asking Senator McCain where Congress gets the power to regulate steroid use. 😉

    Your comments function on the Hitler-as-tax-evader post seems to be malfunctioning, so I’ll mention this here. When I read that article I thought, here it comes: from now on, the left will throw “Hitler was a tax dodger!” in the face of anyone who’s against taxation. Kind of like the right throws “Hitler was a vegetarian!” at anyone who thinks animals deserve not to be tortured in factory farms.

    – Adam