In D.C. for the Inauguration

The city’s going to be clamped down. No access by car from the Virginia side. Hundreds of city blocks cut off. Combat-ready troops with nigh-vision goggles. Snipers on roof tops. And thousands of cowboy-booted Republicans. I plan to skip the balls Thursday night and hit the weight stacks, instead. I’ll burn off some of the anger remaining from the first Bush Administration’s out-of-control spending, foreign policy adventurism, and trampling of the Constitution. (Of course, I fear that it will just build back up again.)

UPDATE: Here’s the January 19 New York Times piece on the increased security, including the welding shut of all the manhole covers along the parade route.

4 Responses to “In D.C. for the Inauguration”

  1. Brian Radzinsky

    Have fun. DC is hard enough to move around in as it is (from my limited experience). And now there are cowboy-booted Republicans cheering at what is amounting to Brezhnev’s monolithic society. There is little counter-balancing oppostion because the few members of it left are off rubbing elbows at the many parties and galas and shindigs. (Oh my!)

  2. Nacim Bouchtia

    My hotel is making us dress up as Texans (because Bush is from Texas) for the whole inauguration week. My schedule is good though, I only have to sport the blue denim shirt, yellow rose in breast pocket, american flag bandana for only two days.