David Irving, the holocaut denier and enthusiast for National Socialism extraordinaire, has been pushing the rumor that Condoleeza Rice warned San Francisco mayor Willie Brown now to fly on 9/11. On his site he opines:

David Irving comments:

ACCORDING to a report today Friday, May 17, 2002, on Pacifica Radio, the warning to San Francisco’s mayor came from squeaky-clean Condoleezza Rice. I recall that attorney general John Ashcroft received a similar warning in July.
I watched Ms. Huxtable, uh, Rice, on C-Span a day or two ago, and she seemed genuinely rattled by the disclosure of these facts; not by the facts themselves, just by the disclosure.
We hear a lot about her intellect, and sometimes even see her playing the classical piano (in staged photo opportunities); but she still always seems to me more like an asylum-seeker, newly escaped from the terrors of the Bill Cosby Show, than a Cabinet minister.

(Very clever, that reference to “Ms. Huxtable.” How all the other racists must have laughed and laughed.)

Now along comes his north American echo chamber, proclaiming

But here is the most interesting Condi Rice story: according to Willy [sic] Brown, then mayor of San Francisco (in an interview I read in the SF Examiner), she phoned him two weeks before 9/11 and warned him to take no commercial flights until further notice.

The most I could find on line from less, um, crazy sources was a rather tame piece in the San Francisco Chronicle titled “Willie Brown got low-key early warning about air travel.”

But….who knows? Now that I really think about it…it all makes sense! Maybe those Jewish art students that Justin Raimondo has fingered as being tied up in the 9/11 attacks were also in contact with Ms. Huxtable/Rice. Or maybe they were the ones who called Mayor Brown. Yeah..that’s it. I’ll have to pay more attention to those secret-radio broadcasts from the space station that I get on my fillings when the night nurses here at the clinic aren’t watching. I wonder if Lew’s listening, too.

P.S. Two examples of Rockwellite appreciation for, um, harmless, traditional insignia that no one should find shocking today: 1, 2.

P.P.S. After much trying, I have been unable to find any reliable citations for remarks that Condoleeza Rice “phoned him two weeks before 9/11 and warned him to take no commercial flights until further notice.” As far as I can tell, the source for the crazy story (and evidently on Lew Rockwell’s reading list) is David Irving’s holocaust-denial web site.

But I was sent an account quoting the Mayor as saying “This one of those stories that takes on a life of its own on the ‘Net and talk radio. In fact, I never received any particular warning of anything. In the previous months we at City Hall, like those at city halls across the country, were receiving notices of increased concern about terrorism. But there was never anything specific. And I didn’t get any special notice from Condoleezza Rice. We just received the same info all municipalities did.” Only a truly crazy person would have believed it in the first place, maybe someone who thinks that all black people “stick together.”

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  1. Mr. Palmer,

    The points you make simply do not show Sobran is an anti-semite. All the factors you adduce could only show, at most, that, in the absence of any more information about Sobran, he would appear to be more *likely* to be an anti-semite than your typical person; but we do kniw more about him, in particular he is a prolific writer. So the kneejerk reaction is dispelled by reading what he actually writes, by listening to what he actually says. You can pore through his hundreds of columns and find no anti-semitism in there (well, of the many I have read, I have never seen any), but only lots of serious thinking. It is really as simple as that. You should find something he writes or says that clearly demonstrates anti-semitism, or withdraw your scurrilous charge.

    By the way, Mr. Palmer, I actually do not hang out with any anti-semites. Not a single person I “hang out” with on a regular, or even casual, basis, is anti-semitic, for the same reason I don’t hang out with white trash. All those toothless, paranoid, crude types disgust me. Or do you mean “hang out” in some loose fashion, like happening to post or publish in some forum with another person… ? But even your own blog allows open commenting, and I imagine you would accuse at least some of your commentors as being anti-semtitic, so you would be “hanging out with” them by such a loose standard.

    Vindiesel–I can’t remember your weird ID, Vin Diesel is easier to remember.

    Lew Rotten–I am one of Lew’s high priests? This is just stupid. I’m “worthless on the market”? How clueless are you? Have I ever questioned Lew? About what? Do you mean do I disagree with Lew on anything? Of course, there are substantive matters on which Lew and I disagree. So what?

  2. Tom G. Palmer


    Of course.

    On the veracity of Walter Olson’s article, I can assure you that he is a reporter of the highest credibility and integrity. (You may wish to visit his web sites at or .) He took his quotations from publications bearing the name of Gary North and the others cited in the article. (Some of that material used to be available on North’s weird web site, but oddly….it’s all been taken down.) He did not make up those quotations, I can assure you. (Who could be that imaginative, anyway?) North and his colleagues are truly strange and frightening people who openly yearn for the day when they can put most of the rest of us to death. That he is a regular contributor to says something. (No, to my knowledge he has not tested out his hobby on any actual heretics or homosexuals and it remains merely a topic of fantasy for him, as is also the case for the anti-Semites and white separationists who buzz around Lew Rockwell.)

    ADDENDUM ADDED LATER: You can find some of the bizarre North claims in his book “The Sinai Strategy”, available to be downloaded at .

    As to Mr. Kinsella, we must have different standards of what constitutes anti-Semitism. If writing about “The Jewish Party” and appearing at neo-Nazi conferences isn’t evidence of anti-Semitism…well, what can one say?

    Mr. Kinsella’s standards of argumentation and inference have been shown in many other cases. (I’ll set aside the tactic of posting comments on my own web site under my name and the names of other actual people, which is certainly indicative of his views about veracity.) To take but one small example, when his hero Hans-Hermann Hoppe (the one who pooh-poohed Nazi crimes in his book review at;printable=Y ) gave a comment at a Mont Pelerin Society conference attacking the late Don Lavoie’s paper he (Hoppe) led off with a vicious ad hominem attack — suggesting that Lavoie was on drugs; Kinsella defended Hoppe’s despicable behavior (using his online pseudonym of “Jim B.,” which Kinsella has bragged online about using) as follows:

    Was this Lavoe character not a drug user? In other words is it incorrect to imply that he did lsd or is it just factually wrong?

    Posted by Jim B. at September 26, 2004 12:06 PM


    So for Kinsella the only evidence that would show that Sobran is an anti-Semite is to find a sentence in his writings that reads as follows: “I, Joe Sobran, am an anti-Semite.”

    I’m glad that Kinsella’s not my lawyer. If he were to apply that kind of standard in his legal practice, he’d be laughed out of court. And as to his attempt to parse the term “hang out,” I leave it to the reader to notice what an evasion that is. Finally, Vinteuil is a rather famous name, in a way that Kinsella (based only on the behavior of this particular bearer of that name; there must be others who do it more honor) is unlikely ever to be.

  3. Mr. Palmer,

    You’re taking the Hoppe comment out of context. He didn’t “pooh-pooh” Nazi crimes, by which I guess you meant the Holocaust. Instead he compared what each did “From 1929 to 1939, in peace time” before WWII and the Holocaust began. I will save the reader some time and take out the ‘read between the lines’ and say that I believe you are calling Hoppe an anti-Semite because of your comment.

  4. Here’s that Hoppe quote:

    “From 1929 to 1939, in peace time, Stalin and the Bolsheviks killed about 20 million Soviet citizens, for no predictable reason. Hitler and the National Socialists ruined the businesses and careers of hundreds of thousands of German citizens, but the number of people killed by them before the outbreak of the war was only a few hundred…”

    I guess according to Hoppe, Jews, homosexuals, et. al., aren’t people.

  5. Tom G. Palmer

    Well, this thread is starting to get away from the original issue — the complete craziness of Lew Rockwell’s spreading a wacko claim that Condoleeza Rice called Mayor Willie Brown to warn him about the 9/11 attacks. What do we call people who spread such rumors? Kooks — for starters. And certainly not the sort of person who deserves to be taken seriously.

    But I just can’t help rising to the bait regarding Hoppe’s pooh-poohing of Nazi crimes. (And, no the holocaust is not the only crime of the National Socialists; there’s, say, invading Poland, depriving Jews and Gypsies of civil rights, confiscating property, starting a horrifying war, and on and on and on.) To take but one example, the campaign of pure terrorization of the Jews of Germany popularly known as Kristallnacht was November of 1938 — before the war. But I guess that was terrorizing just some businessmen. Hoppe’s suggestion, also, is that somehow the war was responsible for the mass killings: “the number of people killed by them before the outbreak of the war was only a few hundred.” Implicit in that is a denial that there was a criminal policy against those victims. The war came and then….they died. Somehow, there’s no sense that the murder was a continuation of a policy.

    In any case, Hoppe’s sickening revisionism concerning the persecution of Jews and others is (and it seems strange to write such a thing) just one small item among a huge heap of others, all of which indicate that Lew Rockwell is one sick hombre (or maybe a better and more charitable characterization would be “one very twisted and destructive man”) who’s done his level best to pollute the libertarian movement with his malignity.

    But I think that this is about as much as even I can stand, so I’m going to close up this thread. If anyone has anything really pressing that they really think has to be said, email me and I’ll post it for you (and Mr. Kinsella, you can even post it anonymously….just not using my name, please).