A Story of Parental Love

I read some time ago about the struggles of a couple who are raising their daughter, Juliana Wetmore, under very difficult circumstances. The little girl was born without a face. The story is recounted in the following items:1, 2. I sent in a check with a note expressing my hope that it would help with the bills but that there was no need for an acknowledgement. I just received a lovely new year’s card from the parents with a photo of their daughter, who I hope will flourish, thanks to the love of her family and some help from friends and strangers.

Anyone else who is touched by the love Juliana’s parents are displaying and who’d like to help can send a donation, by check or by wire transfer, made out to Juliana Wetmore, as follows:

The mailing address is:
Vystar Credit Union
PO Box 45085
Jacksonville, FL 32232

The wire routing number is: