More on the Heroic Institute for Justice’s Fight for Justice

Fighting for Her Rights
Susette Kelo is fighting for her home. She doesn’t want to sell it. She doesn’t want to move. The city fathers of New London want to swap her out for what they consider a better class of taxpayers. So they’re trying to take her home from her.

Joan Biskupic of USA Today describes Ms. Kelo’s fight to keep what is hers, but alas, fails to mention that the case is being handled by one of my favorite organizations, the Institute for Justice. (You can find IJ’s updates and legal briefs here; the Cato Institute’s legal brief in the case of Susette Kelo, Et Al. v. City of New London, Connecticut, Et Al., prepared for Cato by Richard Epstein, can be found here.)

Naturally, it’s voluntary donations that support the efforts of the Institute for Justice and the Cato Institute. Anyone who’d like to stand up for people like Susette Kelo can do so with their voices (letters-to-the-editor and letters to lawmakers do help) and with their dollars.

Hat tip for the USA Today story to David B. Brown.