Back from Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman3.jpg
A Photo I Didn’t Take of the Sunset

We got in this evening (by “we” I mean I and the headache that I get flying) from Grand Cayman. The conference was quite interesting and a great place to see old friends and make new ones. (I was asked to post the Powerpoint accompaniment to the talk I gave Thursday morning. Like the outline posted below, it’s merely suggestive and is a supplement to my oral presentation; it also skips a lot of material that’s included in the outline.)

I’m not a big fan of the island experience generally, but I did get to ride on a jet ski for the first time (technically, a “Wave Runner”). On the way back from snorkeling another fellow was in the driver’s seat and he really liked the speed and maneuverability, as a consequence of which I was thrown (it seems) a good 20 feet or more. (I recall a flash of flying through the air, and then a slow motion descent after landing in the water on my right shoulder; as I was sinking I looked up at the surface and realized that I was seeing the receding sun through the water and the bubbles that were trailing up.)

But now it’s back to work! And the occasional blogging! (I didn’t access the internet for days — gasp!, since the hotel charged one Caymanian dollar — US$1.25 — per minute for internet access.)

6 Responses to “Back from Grand Cayman”

  1. Ryan The Sealion

    Welcome back from paradise! I look forward to more blog activity.

    Just this very night I added you to my livejournal interest list, putting you amongst such individuals as Voltaire, Hayek, Mises, Rand, Lynch, and Albini. And the flattery doesn’t stop there. I also proclaimed to a friend that the only person funnier than Nietzsche is you.

  2. Tom G. Palmer

    Thanks to Brian for the suggestion on cropping. I’d never done it before, but with a little effort I managed to figure out how to crop a photo and repost it. (I also cropped the photo of the great John Lilburne, which was extremely wide.) Now the site doesn’t take up more than one monitor screen!

  3. Hawk Nelson Ringtones

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