Second Amendment Lawsuit Response


Our lawyers have filed our affirmative response to the motion to dismiss our lawsuit. It’s a very rational response to a very strange challenge.

I very much want to be legally entitled to have a handgun in my flat in D.C., since I know from personal experience that a handgun can save a life. In the meantime, I’m off to my Krav Maga class.

One Response to “Second Amendment Lawsuit Response”

  1. Ross Levatter

    I’m No Lawyer, But (Part II)

    Read the affirmative response. Sounds pretty darn convincing to me. Keep us all informed of this important case. (And please consider the potential upsides of actively violating the law to assure standing…3 square meals a day; opportunity to test your Krav Maga training; large martyr symbolism) 🙂

    Ross (If you just keep pirouetting you’ll be safe) L.