Anyone for Arizona?

Wide Open Spaces

My friend Damon Chetson has informed me that the Goldwater Institute, for which he is now vice president, is looking for people to mosy out west, hunker down, and set matters aright. Or something like that. They’re looking for an economist, a writer, and “someone versed in media relations” (which, really, doesn’t sound very Arizonan). The job openings are listed on their fancy new web site. Tell ’em “Tom” sent ya.

6 Responses to “Anyone for Arizona?”

  1. Ross Levatter

    Tom says, in a little huff against the great state of Arizona:

    “”someone versed in media relations” (which, really, doesn’t sound very Arizonan).”

    Obviously Dr. Palmer hasn’t spent much time with John McCain. Congratulations.

    (Granted, the senior senator from Arizona wouldn’t be a good choice for the Goldwater Institute, despite McCain’s sitting in Goldwater’s seat in the senate…terrible shame, that.)

  2. Thanks, Tom, for posting this. Truly, Arizona is a good place to be. The state senate passed an ambitious school choice bill last week, and while it’s expected to be vetoed by the Democratic governor, passage is a sign that real reforms can be accomplished in this state. Phoenix is also a boom town. Housing is affordable, and the weather eight months of the year is terrific. Many people here who embrace the ideas of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty. Goldwater is staffed by people who are smart, competent, and enthusiastic about making the world a freer place.

  3. Tom G. Palmer

    Doggonit! You saw right through my attempt to sound authentic. Actually, I’ve been to Arizona, and they had shopping malls, airports, cell phones, and everything. I was amazed.