Philanthropy in a Dangerous Place

Joey, Iraqi Kids, and Shoes.jpg
Joey, a Soldier in the Army National Guard, Distributing some of the
Shoes He’s Arranged to Have Shipped for Shoeless Iraqi Children

If you’ve got to be in a place that’s dangerous and whose people have suffered (and are still suffering) from seriously bad men, you can still arrange to do some serious good. Joey, whom I met when as a student he promoted a lecture I gave at his university on globalization and free trade, is now in Iraq with his Army National Guard Unit. After he noticed how many Iraqi children go shoeless, he worked with family and friends back home to collect and ship a lot of shoes and clothing for children. For those who don’t have the network of family and friends (not to mention the personal dedication) that Joey has, the Iraqi Orphans Project is doing important work, as is Mercy Corps. I contribute to both.