Well Picked


One of the most evil figures of the 20th century was murdered on August 20, 1940 on orders from one of the other most evil figures, the one who beat him to the punch. Now we may have a look at the likely weapon.

The icepick has long been associated with Trotsky. I well recall working in opposition to conscription with a coalition of groups that included churches, left-liberals, libertarians, conservatives, leftists, and so on. The one group that all of the sophisticated members of the other groups feared and hated was the Trotskyists, who were masters at taking over coalitions, diverting them to their sectarian purposes, sucking them dry of resources, and then moving on. At the big CARD (Committee Against Registration and the Draft, of which I was national secretary) convention in Detroit 25 years ago, those who knew how the Trots worked wore little lapel pins with no wording, but an obvious meaning: a drawing of an icepick. The slogan: “A chicken in every pot, An icepick in every Trot.” Leon Trotsky himself surely got better than he had handed out to his enemies back in the USSR. His followers were simply swept up in a cult, but they followed the party line with monomaniacal intensity.

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  1. boohoo.

    trotsky killed so many people. sad face.

    *cough* native american genocide, veitnam war, the only country to use nuclear bombs *cough*

    anyways. its okay guys, i too love dockers and the NYSE