It’s So Crazy that Someone Had to Say It

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Did a Gay “Circuit Party” Anger the Gods?

One of the looniest commentators in America today is Don Feder, a syndicated columnist who has just informed us (September 19) that Hurricane Katrina was a “warning” about our decadent ways. In addition to happening “one week to the day” after the removal of Jewish settlers from Gaza (wow! exactly one week “to the day“), he informs us that

Katrina hit New Orleans days before the scheduled Southern Decadence – an annual orgy celebrating alternative death-styles, characterized by nudity and public copulation. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, welcomed the freak-fest with the following proclamation: “There is no place like this on Earth! Southern Decadence XXXII is an ex
event. We welcome you and know that you can anticipate great food, great music and great times in New Orleans.” Not to mention great sodomy.

Whoa…. Just days before! Man, if that isn’t a like, a real warning (especially coming one week to the day after that stuff in Gaza), I don’t what is.

(Hat tip: Dispatches on the Culture Wars, courtesy of a colleague.)

Addendum A friend pointed out that the headline on a local gay paper (run when I was out of town) was: “Katrina casualties include gay Southern Decadence.” If that isn’t superficial, I don’t know what is. (The editors evidently sought to make up for it by running a major story later on how to donate to those who suffered rather more serious losses due to the storm.)