Talk at St. John’s College


I’ll be speaking Wednesday, September 27 at 7 pm at the Santa Fe, New Mexico campus of my alma mater, St. John’s College on the history of freedom.

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  1. I think your date is incorrect. Today is Wednesday, September 28 — there is no “Wednesday, September 27.”

    What topics will you address? My wife (A ’99) and I have been looking for an excuse to visit SF. Did you spend any time at that campus?

  2. Ryan The Sealion

    I wish you good luck.

    Didn’t know St. John’s was in Santa Fe. Very cool. New Mexico is my favorite state (altough I’ve only seen about half of them).

    By the way, I added you as one of my few heroes. Exclusive company… Socrates, Ben Franklin, Steve Albini. Of course others can claim a special place in my heart (Kant, Mises, Hayek, Twain, even Schopenhauer), but lack a certain je ne sais quoi.

    I’ve been spending my free time the last two or three days on the “Genealogy of Morality.” Damn I wish I could write like that!

    Keep on fighting!

  3. Tom G. Palmer


    Ack! Sorry. Yes, it was the 28th. I spoke on the history of liberty. I’ll post the remarks.

    I did attend SJC in Annapolis, but not in Santa Fe. Many students spent a year at one or the other, but I didn’t. I had been there a few times on business, however, including a two week seminar of the Liberty Fund on …. how to lead seminars.

    Thanks, Ryan. You need to get a more exclusive list of heroes, though. I hope that all’s going well with you. And if you like Nietzsche (I’m not an especially big fan, myself) try his essay on “Truth and Lie Behind Morality,” too.

  4. You strike me as the type who would opt for the old campus.

    It’s hard to find heroes in this world. Steve Albini is obviously the least deserving of you four, but not only can he make guitars and drums buzz and pound like no other, he opened up a recording studio in his Chicago basement. When he was young he wished for a place to record… now he lets young bands come in and record almost for free… with his services, the services of the best recording engineer in the world. Plus, he’s a libertarian, too.

    Being an ethical realist I find myself in an opposing position with Nietzsche. Still, I enjoy reading him and was immediately struck by the skill of his pen. Thanks for the essay tip. I’ll look into it. Funny that my favorite writer produces such despicable power-lusters.

  5. Tom,

    Ask PJ to fix the background on your blog. The page loads fine on my fast work computer, but is very slow on this fairly late model laptop I use at home. A plain grey background would be much faster.

    I hear Santa Fe is beautiful. Home to make it over there from AZ sometime.

  6. Tom G. Palmer

    Sorry, Ryan. I was pretty tired when I wrote that. It should have been “Truth and Lie BEYOND Morality.” I’ve also now got regular internet access back.