The Coolness of the Mac

Airport Express

In an attempt to increase both my efficiency and the commodiousness of my apartment, I’ve gone Apple. One of the coolest parts is the Airport Express wi-fi system, which includes something called “Airtunes.” I’ve hooked my speakers up to the wi-fi station and now I can play music from my laptop, as I work, check email, etc., etc. So far, it actually has increased my productivity, as well as gotten rid of lots of tangled wires. Thank you, Apple. Thank you, Capitalism.

3 Responses to “The Coolness of the Mac”

  1. I love my Airport as well. I added it not long ago to my laptop. I took a bus trip recently (I refuse to fly in Nazi America do to the abuse I witnessed in airports by security thugs). I sat in the bus terminal and opened my lap top and was immediately asked if I’d like to join the network. I did and got my emails while waiting for the bus. Even in the parking lot on the bus and for a block down the street I continued to be linked.

    I discovered the music aspect by accident and now turn it on now and then. I’m hooked on it. And I’ve always loved Macs.

  2. Is there much of a problem with skipping on the airtunes if you’re using the same connection for file transfers and streaming music at the same time? Also, how’s the sound quality? I know Apple’s never one to chintz out on the internals, but is the sound as good as if you, say, plugging the speakers directly into the laptop?

  3. Tom G. Palmer

    I’ve not noticed any skipping and I play iTunes over the Airport Express when I’m on the internet, downloading programs, sending documents, visiting web pages, etc., etc. Now, I should mention that I’m not a very sophisticated audiophile, so I wouldn’t put my evaluation up against a real sound fanatic. Nonetheless, I’ve not noticed any difference in what I’ve heard over the wifi compared to what I’ve heard from a direct speaker-to-laptop connection.