Should We Be Concerned?

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As more and more chemicals are washing over the planet, another has been found to harbor serious health risks.

8 Responses to “Should We Be Concerned?”

  1. Concerned Scientist

    They really are telling only part of the story. I bet this website is in on it also. This has to be one of the biggest cover-ups of this century. This compound has been implicated in the tsunami catastrophe of last year as well as a huge contributor to hurricane Katrina and all the subsequent human suffering. We just aren’t hearing the truth. The environmental effects are unimaginable. I have little hope that there will be a solution to this hazard. They must find a replacement that is safer and more controllable. This must be the number 1 priority of our government. They are the only ones competent enough to attempt this.

  2. The coverup is similar to another scandal that’s hardly had any attention — it’s well known that sodium and chlorine are both deadly poisons, but the big food corporations are boosting their profits by adding sodium chloride to our food. The government knows about it, yet turns a blind eye.

  3. Concerned Scientist

    I can no longer comment on this, they are listening in on the chip in my head and the black helicopters are hovering outside. And don’te even talk about the Na & Cl issue. They will be after you also.

  4. I was reading one day that Alcohol, if ingested orally in large amounts over a specific time frame can be deadly. I was looking at some of the items in my fridge and discovered that ordinary Beer has between 3 and 5% Alcohol by volume. I plan on getting some friends together to do some further research into this matter, perhaps at tomorrow’s barbecue.